S2E17 Banned Books Graphic Novels Mash Up

We are technically still on a break as we figure out our crazy lives, but we couldn’t let Banned Book week be missed.  In honor of Banned Books Week, we are returning to this genre again.  However, with a twist! Both of our choices are in graphic novel version!  Hey, that also means we can … Continue reading S2E17 Banned Books Graphic Novels Mash Up

S2E13: Summer Reading

This week, Kyrie and Cori discuss summer reads, as well as what the definition of a summer read is. Tea Time During their discussion, Kyrie and Cori drink Plum Deluxe’s Evening in the Garden Herbal Tea, which is deliciously light, sweet, and a bit flowery. The tea itself is BEAUTIFUL, and you can see pieces … Continue reading S2E13: Summer Reading