Episode 2: How Well Do We Know Each Other’s Book Reading Tastes?

Episode 2: How Well Do We Know Each Other’s Book Reading Tastes?

Did you know that today, August 9th, is National Book Lovers Day?! Kyrie and Cori decided to have their launch date today, because they love books! So, welcome back and thanks for listening. In this episode, Kyrie and Cori start discussing their book recommendations to each other while enjoying Kyrie’s tea selection of Brew la la organic ginger peach green tea.

Kyrie reviews, Lizzy and Jane by Katherine Reay and Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld. As mentioned in their first podcast, Kyrie loves anything Jane Austen, and while she may have struggled at first with separating it from the characters she has come to love in the original Pride and Prejudice book, it didn’t take long to get into either story and remove the association between Jane Austen’s version and these two.

Cori reviews Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and Cooked by Michael Pollan. These two recommendations fit in perfectly with her non-fiction reading preferences.  There was inspiration (and just a touch of unexpected mysticism) to be had with Big Magic, and the timing was perfect with the start of this creative project.  Cori never gets tired of reading about food, and loved Pollan’s usual style of experiential learning with a touch of sociology,  history, and anthropology.  And, she may have a new appreciation for fermented foods!

Going to be near Cleveland Heights, Ohio anytime? Check out the beautiful bookstore Apple Tree Bookstore Cori mentioned in today’s podcast.

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