Month: February 2018

S2E3: Dark of Winter

S2E3: Dark of Winter

This week, Kyrie and Cori discuss books for reading during the dark of winter, which are also books you could finish in a day for the Modern Mrs Darcy 2018 Reading Challenge!

Dark of winter reads are those that just suck you in so that you don’t want to do anything else but curl up, be cozy and read forever.  Because, why would you want to venture out into the cold winter days?  For us, apparently this means Young Adult Fantasy!

During their discussion, Kyrie and Cori drink Tree of Life tea with an emphasis on Fire. It’s a smooth chai with a bit of apple, cinnamon, and some heat. It’s not overpowering, and it’s the perfect drink to have in the dark of winter (and when there’s snow on the ground!).  

Kyrie’s pick, Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake follow triplet sisters Katherine, Mirabelle, and Arisone who are all heir to the throne–but two must die. You get to know all the sisters, their magical powers, their “friends” (also known as mentors) and the insanity that ensues when the girls turn 16 and they have to start killing each other. They have a year to do so, and this book doesn’t end with any idea of what’s going to be happening. Strong, young, and fierce female protagonists rule this book and it’s a delicious book to read when it’s blizzarding outside.

Cori’s selection, The Wrath & the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh, which basically ends up being a nod to YA version of the Arabian One Thousand and One Nights.  There’s vengeance, magic, star-crossed lovers, mystery and intrigue galore.  You get another strong, young, and fierce female protagonist to enjoy, and like Three Dark Crowns, it ends in a bit of a cliffhanger… so, if you do read one or both in a sitting, there is more to be had!

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Kyrie and Cori read books in honor of Black Heritage Month

Kyrie’s Pick: Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison

Cori’s Pick: We Are Never Meeting in Real Life by Samantha Irby

S2E2: Battle of the Countries Part 2

S2E2: Battle of the Countries Part 2

This week, Kyrie and Cori continue their selection of French vs. English, with Kyrie picking a book based in France, while Cori picks a book based in England. Which book/country will they enjoy the most this time?

During their discussion, Kyrie and Cori drink an Earl Grey from Flagstaff’s locally owned tea store Steep. The Earl Grey has a strong essence of flowers, but is quite enjoyable. Earl Grey is probably Cori’s favorite, and this one is perfect example of what you want in an Earl Grey. If you don’t live in Flagstaff, you can still try out Steep’s tea. They do mail order!  

Fun fact: Steep is where Kyrie and Cori got the idea of starting this podcast! After meeting for months, drinking tea, and discussing all the books they’ve read since their last visit, Kyrie and Cori had a lightbulb go on with the idea of creating a podcast talking about the books!  

Kyrie’s pick, The Bookseller by Mark Pryor follows US Embassy worker Hugo as one of his friends, a bookseller along the Seine, is taken away from him right before his eyes. When he starts investigating, he learns other booksellers have been disappearing for a while–what is happening to all these booksellers? Turns out Hugo will uncover sinister plots related to these disappearances. There’s a lot of different twists and turns and plots and drama–it’s a classic mystery of “who done it?” Cori’s selection, The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde is a quirky read set in alternate version of England that is slightly different from the one we know. It definitely goes into the fantasy realm.  For one thing, literature is a big thing to most people. There is even a police force just for investigating literary crimes.  Our heroine, Thursday Next, gets sucked into catching a criminal who is threatening to make Jane Eyre disappear if he doesn’t get what he wants.  

Coming Up Next Week

Kyrie and Cori explore the genre of the Dark of Winter and a “Book You Can Finish in a Day” for the Modern Mrs. Darcy 2018 Reading Challenge

Kyrie’s Pick: Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

Cori’s Pick: The Wrath & the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh