S2E16 Summer Series: Lia Leaf Tea House

S2E16 Summer Series: Lia Leaf Tea House

This week, Kyrie and Cori join Christine, owner of Lia Leaf Tea House in Flagstaff to have a conversation about owning a tea shop and why she focuses on single origin tea.


Christine talks us through how, at a very early age, she got into tea. As she grew up, she started researching the health benefits of tea, the difference between single origin tea and blended teas, leading to her preference for single origin tea. She also shares the joys and challenges of owning your own business and how she decides what to have on the menu.

What are we drinking?

Christine took us through a single origin green tea flight of four teas:

Gyokuro – Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

Iccha Kariban – Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan

Dragonwell Longjing – Zhejiang Province, China

Emperor’s Cloud and Mist – Zhejiang Province, China

Dried Tea

Pouring the Tea

Ready to Drink

Follow Lia Leaf Tea House on Instagram. Don’t get mad at us if it makes you want to visit there everytime she posts something delicious.  

With that said, listeners who use the code BOOKSANDTEA can get 10% off your first in shop purchase!  Lia Leaf is located in Aspen Place at Sawmill pretty much right across from Wildflower. For our listeners from afar, not to worry!  She also has an online shop for ordering tea.

Coming Up Next Time

Kyrie and Cori get back to books and discuss more banned books!  This year, we are doing it with a twist – we read graphic novel versions of each.

Kyrie’s Pick: Howl by Allen Ginsberg
Cori’s Pick: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

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