Welcome to Season 3 episode 1!!

Welcome to Season 3 episode 1!!

Happy 2019 listeners! We’re happy to be back with you for our third season. We hope you all had a great holiday season spent doing whatever your heart wants!

We’ve changed things up again, but hey, the only constant is change! We gotta keep you on your toes, after all.

What We Are Drinking and Eating

But first, tea! We’re drinking Creamy Earl Grey tea from the Flagstaff Tea Company. We both joined the Tea of the Month Club Heather offers, and are absolutely loving it. And most importantly, we’re eating the most delicious Chocolate Earl Grey Pot de Creme. It’s decadent and delicious, and we want to eat this all the time. Cori followed this recipe. The only adjustment needed is that it took more than 20 minutes to bake. After consulting another recipe, they ended up being in the oven for about 55 minutes.

What We Are Reading

So, we’ve returned to the Dark of Winter theme, as it’s January, and it’s dark, and cold, and all we really want to do is wrap up in a blanket, drink some hot tea, and read a good book. Kyrie’s pick for this week is in a dark, dark wood by Ruth Ware.
This is a psychological thriller that doesn’t actually surprise you in the theme of “who done it,” but does surprise you in the “why it was done” theme. We follow Lenora, Lee, Nora (whatever the heck she should be called), as she gets an invitation to a “hen party” (bachelorette party) of Claire, who she hasn’t seen or spoken to in a decade. First, why would you ever do that? That’s just silly! So, obviously that’s the first suspicion.

It goes on from there, then someone dies (shock!), and there’s some melodramatic stuff, and then we realize why everything happened. We’re not surprised who did it, cause duuuuuh.

Anyway, this was a quick read that did encompass the dark of winter theme. While Cori and Kyrie wouldn’t say it is one of their all-time favorites, if you like thrillers, this is a good one to dig into!

Up Next

For our next episode, we will explore Cori’s pick for a dark of winter read: The Winters by Lisa Gabrielle.

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