S3E9: A Podcast About a Podcast

S3E9: A Podcast About a Podcast

What We Are Reading

Cori asked that we go down the genre rabbit hole that is police and detective procedurals.  Really, it’s just a subgenre of the suspense and mystery genre. After several failed attempts, Kyrie landed on Are You Sleeping by Kathleen Barber as her book of choice. Of all ironies, it features a true crime podcast and podcaster who is on the hunt to discover the truth.  

What We Are Eating and Drinking

Cori’s been watching a lot of the British Baking Show, which inspired her to make a chocolate layer cake from scratch.  She used her Pie in the Sky high altitude baking cookbook. This was paired with a lovely standby, our own Books and Tea Black Tea blend from Plum Deluxe.  With its hints of vanilla and cinnamon, it was a perfect match. As Plum Deluxe Ambassadors, you can use our code BOOKSANDTEA and our link to get 10% off your first order.  If you want some of our special blend, visit our GoFundMe site and make a donation to support our ongoing costs and operations.

What We Are Reading Next

Cori picked The Dry by Jane Harper.  Set in a small Australian town that hasn’t had rain in two years, this quietly suspenseful mystery will suck you dry with its descriptions of heat and complex multi-layered story lines.

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