S3E10: Australia murders and a hot place to live

S3E10: Australia murders and a hot place to live


What we’re reading

This week, Cori and Kyrie continue down the detective/murder mystery/what the hell is happening genre. The Dry follows Federal Agent Aaron Falk as he arrives in his hometown for the first time in decades to attend the funeral of his best friend, Luke. Let’s just say you really don’t understand who the hell did it until close to the end of the book. The author does an incredible job of making you suspect everyone (including Aaron Falk) throughout the entire story. A real page turner.

What we are drinking and eating

Kyrie and Cori are sometimes too alike when it comes to things. And since this was a relatively warm day, Kyrie and Cori both made iced tea. From the same company. In the same flavour. Creepy, right? We got our tea from the Flagstaff Tea Company, now known as Potion & Tea Bakery and it was the white champagne tea–we of course did a taste tests of each of our teams to see which one we liked better, and of course we each chose our own. Funny things happen when you hang out all the time 😉

What’s next

Next episode, we change the genre game and Cori’s “genre” is Picked for the cover. Up first is Kyrie’s choice of The Binding by Bridget Collins. Until then, happy tea drinking and book reading!

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