S4E2 We’re a Hot Mess #Anxiety

S4E2 We’re a Hot Mess #Anxiety

Really, we probably need an “Under Construction” sign as we recalibrate to our new format. This was recorded in August (oops). In which we discuss slang, Cori’s poor decision to go on vacation right after the school year starts, and Kyrie’s reading slump. But, we still have reading recommendations for ya. And tea.

What  We Drank

We enjoyed Mint Fields tea from Republic Of Tea. We love mint tea, especially when it’s organic. It makes our tummies feel good. We also discuss how the longer we drink tea the more particular we get. You can try out Sips By by clicking through and filling out a profile AND get $5 off your first box! You will get 4 different teas customized to your preferences with over 40 cups o’ tea to enjoy.

What We Read

If, Then by by Kate Hope Day

Pure Land by Annette McGivney

Bury Your Dead by Louise Penny

Never Have I Ever by Joshilyn Jackson

Southern Lady Code by Helen Ellis

PolDark series by Winston Graham

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