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S2E5: Austen vs. Brontë

This week, Kyrie and Cori discuss classic chic lit, but instead of doing what they usually do (discussing each book), they instead decide to show the differences/similarities of the two authors, as well as discuss parts of the books. As always, they’ll give a brief description and history of Chick Lit. During their discussion, Kyrie … Continue reading S2E5: Austen vs. Brontë

Episode 5: A Mysterious Read

Disclaimer: We’ve accidentally made our first mic error by having it turned all the way up, so it doesn’t sound that great (our fault, not our editor extraordinaires ). We apologize for the inconvenience–we’re more bummed about it than you are! To make up for the poor sound quality, here’s pictures of Coco (left) and Apollo … Continue reading Episode 5: A Mysterious Read