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S2E13: Summer Reading

S2E13: Summer Reading

This week, Kyrie and Cori discuss summer reads, as well as what the definition of a summer read is.

Tea Time

During their discussion, Kyrie and Cori drink Plum Deluxe’s Evening in the Garden Herbal Tea, which is deliciously light, sweet, and a bit flowery. The tea itself is BEAUTIFUL, and you can see pieces of rose, elderberry, lemon… It’s a beautiful color combination (see picture below).

What we are talking about

Kyrie’s pick, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid goes in and out of past and present as a journalist writes Evelyn’s biography to be published once she dies. However, it’s a tumultuous journey of ups and downs, love and hate, heterosexual love and same sex love, pain and glory… it really is a fast, quick, summer read. There are some HUUUUUUGE  shockers in the story and man oh man, Kyrie just gobbled it all up and finished it in a day.

Cori’s selection, Hey Ladies! The Story of 8 Best Friends, 1 Year, and Way, Way Too Many Emails by Michelle Markowitz and Caroline Moss is your typical girl read–how many of us have sent emails to our girlfriends with the greeting “Hey Ladies!”  It is a unique format in that it is told through emails and texts. Although fluffy and bit over the top with drama, it still is relatable and relevant when you start thinking about all the friendships in your life and how y’all communicate with each other.  Again, a super quick and easy read.


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Other Books Mentioned

Victoria: The Queen: An Intimate Biography of the Woman Who Ruled an Empire
Cork Dork: A Wine-Fueled Adventure Among the Obsessive Sommeliers, Big Bottle Hunters, and Rogue Scientists Who Taught Me to Live for Taste

Coming Up Next Week

We are checking another one off the Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge – a book of 500 pages or more. We picked Pachinko by Min Jin Lee. In addition to being a 2017 National Book Award Finalist, it showed up a ton of best of 2017 lists.  


What is a Summer Read



This week, Kyrie and Cori discuss LGBTQ+ books they selected, as well as some history on Pride month.

What We Are Drinking

During their discussion, Kyrie and Cori, and their special guest Sydney drink Rosa De Jamaica, and it is a Hibiscus and Pineapple ice tea from Two Sisters Tea. As you can see by the photo below, it’s this beautiful merlot colour and has sweet and bitter tastes of hibiscus.  This tea came in Cori’s June Sips by box. Want to try this awesome monthly subscription box? Head over to Sips by to fill out a profile and try it out yourself AND get $5 off your first box!

What We Are Talking About
Kyrie’s pick, Simon vs. The Homosapien Agenda follows young Simon around in high school, as he goes from having a internet crush with a mysterious classmate called Blue, to the difficulties of being blackmailed by someone who knows his secret, to finally coming out to his friends, family, and realizing who Blue actually is. A teenage perspective on the difficulties of being gay in high school.

Cori’s selection, This is How it Always follows the family of five year old Claude, who loves his five brothers and peanut butter sandwiches, but also loves wearing dresses and wants to be a princess when he grows up. As his family encourages him to become who he wants, Pepper, the family keeps a secret of who she really is, until it explodes. This novel of family shows the strength, courage, struggles, and sacrifices everyone makes to keep a secret, but eventually the love of acceptance.

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What We Are Reading Next
Kyrie and Cori explore Summer reading!

Kyrie’s Pick: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Cori’s Pick:  Hey Ladies! The Story of 8 Best Friends, 1 Year, and Way, Way Too Many Emails by Michelle Markowitz and Caroline Moss

Cori’s Pick is also for the Modern Mrs  Darcy 2018 Reading Challenge.  This is a book recommended by a librarian or indie bookseller.  Cori heard about this book from Annie Jones the owner of the The Bookshelf in Thomasville Georgia while while listening to their podcasts:  From The Front Porch.

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Kyrie’s Goodreads

Cori’s Goodreads

S2E10: Asian Pacific Heritage Month

S2E10: Asian Pacific Heritage Month

This week, Kyrie and Cori discuss books by authors of Asian Pacific decent in honor of Asian Pacific Heritage month. They’ll also discuss the history of Asian Pacific Heritage month, something neither one of them knew about until recently!! During their discussion, Kyrie and Cori drink Plum Deluxe’s special tea from Kyrie’s tea club membership–Orange Blossom, which tastes just like an orangesicle. The aromas from the bag are to die for, and once you start brewing and sipping, you can taste the orange completely, with a super smooth blend of sweetness. It is a black tea, so cream is recommended if you like cream in black teas.

Kyrie’s pick, Snow Flowers and the Secret Fan by Lisa See. Kyrie was unable to finish this book–something about too many words and too much detail, while Cori read this for the second time and fell in love with it all over again.

Cori’s selection, Hotel of Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford is a story of family struggle, immigration, asian concentration camps, and love. A beautiful story of life, struggle, loss, and eventually finding hope again.

Coming Up Next Week

Kyrie and Cori explore the genre of the underdog!

Kyrie’s Pick: The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics by: Daniel James Brown

Cori’s Pick: Seabiscuit: An American Legend by Laura Hilldenbrand


Asian Pacific Heritage


S2E5: Austen vs. Brontë

S2E5: Austen vs. Brontë

This week, Kyrie and Cori discuss classic chic lit, but instead of doing what they usually do (discussing each book), they instead decide to show the differences/similarities of the two authors, as well as discuss parts of the books. As always, they’ll give a brief description and history of Chick Lit. During their discussion, Kyrie and Cori drink some tea by Adagio–the flavour of pu erh chorange which is essentially chocolate and orange. Kyrie really enjoys the tea (gulped it down quickly), while Cori thought the combination of chocolate and orange didn’t go well together. Needless to say, Kyrie went home with this one.

Kyrie picked Jane Eyre and Cori picked Emma. The authors, Charlotte Brontë and Jane Austen are quite different in their writing styles. While Emma follows the normal Jane Austen theme of a privileged young lady, who is a bit naive and aloof, Jane Eyre is a bit more gothic and dark. Kyrie enjoys Jane Austen, while Cori enjoys Charlotte Brontë. The lightness, the predictability, and the love of Austen’s characters is what keeps Kyrie coming back for more Austen. Cori enjoyed the more dark, obscure, and a little bit crazy story of Jane Eyre.

These were also our picks for the 2018 Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge:  A Classic You’ve Been Meaning To Read.

Coming Up Next Week:

Kyrie and Cori continue to explore books about women in honor of Women’s Month.

Kyrie’s Pick: The Underground Girls of Kabul: In Search of a Hidden Resistance in Afghanistan by Jenny Nordberg
Cori’s Pick: All the Single Ladies: Unmarried Women and the Rise of the Independent Woman by Rebecca Traister

S2E2: Battle of the Countries Part 2

S2E2: Battle of the Countries Part 2

This week, Kyrie and Cori continue their selection of French vs. English, with Kyrie picking a book based in France, while Cori picks a book based in England. Which book/country will they enjoy the most this time?

During their discussion, Kyrie and Cori drink an Earl Grey from Flagstaff’s locally owned tea store Steep. The Earl Grey has a strong essence of flowers, but is quite enjoyable. Earl Grey is probably Cori’s favorite, and this one is perfect example of what you want in an Earl Grey. If you don’t live in Flagstaff, you can still try out Steep’s tea. They do mail order!  

Fun fact: Steep is where Kyrie and Cori got the idea of starting this podcast! After meeting for months, drinking tea, and discussing all the books they’ve read since their last visit, Kyrie and Cori had a lightbulb go on with the idea of creating a podcast talking about the books!  

Kyrie’s pick, The Bookseller by Mark Pryor follows US Embassy worker Hugo as one of his friends, a bookseller along the Seine, is taken away from him right before his eyes. When he starts investigating, he learns other booksellers have been disappearing for a while–what is happening to all these booksellers? Turns out Hugo will uncover sinister plots related to these disappearances. There’s a lot of different twists and turns and plots and drama–it’s a classic mystery of “who done it?” Cori’s selection, The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde is a quirky read set in alternate version of England that is slightly different from the one we know. It definitely goes into the fantasy realm.  For one thing, literature is a big thing to most people. There is even a police force just for investigating literary crimes.  Our heroine, Thursday Next, gets sucked into catching a criminal who is threatening to make Jane Eyre disappear if he doesn’t get what he wants.  

Coming Up Next Week

Kyrie and Cori explore the genre of the Dark of Winter and a “Book You Can Finish in a Day” for the Modern Mrs. Darcy 2018 Reading Challenge

Kyrie’s Pick: Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

Cori’s Pick: The Wrath & the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh 

S2E1: Battle of Countries (and Grumpy Old Men)

S2E1: Battle of Countries (and Grumpy Old Men)

Happy 2018, Book Friends! We’re excited for this new year of reading and recording and sharing our thoughts! Thanks for returning and listening along.

To start off the second season, Kyrie and Cori go head to head in book battle with English (Kyrie) vs French (Cori). Because Kyrie is an Anglophile and Cori is a Francophile, we thought it would be fun to have a battle of countries!  During their discussion, Kyrie and Cori drink Plum Deluxe Tea’s Easy to be Green (if you use BOOKSANDTEA in the checkout, you get 10% off your first order). It’s a green tea with hints of blueberry and raspberry, but isn’t very overwhelming and adds a nice sweet touch to the tea.

Kyrie’s pick: Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand by Helen Simonson (Amazon | IndieBound)

Cori’s pick: The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George (Amazon | IndieBound)

Coming Up Next Week:

Kyrie and Cori duel again, but with Kyrie picking a French book while Cori picks a British one! Who will win the book battle of French vs. English?!

Kyrie’s Pick:The Bookseller by Mark Pryor (Amazon | IndieBound)

Cori’s Pick: The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde (Amazon | IndieBound)

Episode 17: Fiction Native American Stories

Episode 17: Fiction Native American Stories

This week, Kyrie and Cori conclude their first season with the continuation of Native American Heritage month books! Tazo tea sent them some sweet dessert tea to try, so Kyrie sipped on the Vanilla Bean Macaron and Cori sipped on the Lemon Loaf. Both were delicious and could easily be used to curb that sweet craving you might have.

Kyrie’s fiction pick was The Orenda by Joseph Boyden. Kyrie wanted to like this book, but it was long, the three character narration was often times confusing, and left her without really feeling anything.

Cori’s fiction selection was Last Standing Woman by Winona LaDuke, a Native environmental activist. She picked it because she enjoyed one of her non-fiction books and heard her speak at NAU while in grad school. It seemed like an interesting premise following seven generations of Chippewa women from first contact with whites and into the future. The continually changing storyline and characters made for a disjointed read, and it was hard to keep track of the familial connections.

Both Kyrie and Cori felt inundated with the similarity of all the stories. It also might be because the nonfiction pieces Kyrie and Cori picked were so great, but perhaps it’s because it’s hard to read four books about Native American Culture and the wrongs done to them. Upon reflection, it might have been easier to digest and be more enjoyable if we had picked one fiction piece and one nonfiction piece.

Other books mentioned in this episode included The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver and All Our Relations by Winona LaDuke.

We will be taking a winter break to plan our next season, select our reading list, start our reading, and hopefully come back stronger and better than before. We appreciate your support and your listening this season. Have comments on what we could do to improve? Please leave them in our comments! We’ll read them and see how we can make it better for you.

Be on the look out on our social media pages to have two chances to win a Books and Tea bag filled with 5 of Kyrie’s and Cori’s favourite books of the year!

We hope you have a happy holiday season and a wonderful New Year. We’ll see you in 2018.

Episode 15: Horror scary stories

Episode 15: Horror scary stories

This week, Kyrie and Cori discuss the books they selected for the horror/scary genre, as well as what the heck the difference between horror, thriller, and suspense genres! Here’s a sneak peek at the findings:  all deal with fear.  During their discussion, Kyrie and Cori drink Yogi Cranberry Spice Probiotic . It’s a bit bitter, but not overwhelmingly so. Kyrie and Cori think it’s just ok.
Kyrie’s pick,World War Z by Max Brooks, goes into full detail/testimonials of what happened with the big zombie apocalypse has happened. There isn’t much of a plot, but mostly just people’s stories at different times and places as this zombie apocalypse was happening. According to Max, he took things that have technically already happened and just added zombies!


Cori’s selection, Security by Gina Wohlsdorf, is about killers in a luxury hotel that is about to open.  One by one, the employees are being killed off, and only you and the omniscient narrator knows what is going on for quite some time.  The story is literally told through the view of the gazillion security cameras.  Like all good slasher stories, you can expect a high body count and some gruesome blood and guts visuals/descriptions.

Coming Up Next Week:

Kyrie and Cori explore Native American Heritage Month by reading nonfiction pieces

Kyrie’s Pick: Neither wolf nor dog: on the forgotten roads with an Indian Elder by Kent Nerburn

Cori’s Pick: Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI –  David Grann


Episode 12: The imaginary world of Sci-Fi

Episode 12: The imaginary world of Sci-Fi

This week, Kyrie and Cori discuss the Sci-Fi genre, well, Cori mostly discusses Sci-Fi, as Kyrie has a raw voice and doesn’t want to talk too much!! Sci-Fi has so many facets to it, so Kyrie and Cori have done some research about this genre. During their discussion, Kyrie and Cori drink Echinacea Plus because Kyrie is for sure sick and Cori feels something might be coming on.

Kyrie’s picked what she thinks is a Sci-Fi classic of Dune by Frank Herbert (and is often rated the #1 Sci-Fi book!). She wasn’t really feeling it for the first part of the book, but at about 100 pages, Kyrie finally starts to really enjoy this book. Especially with Cori’s wonderful description of it’s like Game of Thrones but in the desert. You don’t really know who is friends with whom and you’re not really sure who the good and bad guys are until things start to unfold. A wonderfully crafted (even though it is a bit wordy), and a great example of what Sci-Fi really is.  

Cori’s picked The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick which is a novel about what would have happened if WWII didn’t end the way it did (i.e. the death of Hitler). Based in California, where racism is strong, Jews are hiding, the Chinese are obsessed with “American West” paraphernalia, and the I Ching is what everyone uses to make their choices in the world.

Other Sci-Fi Books:

1984 by George Orwell

Ender’s Game Orson Scott Card

Stranger in a Strange Land Robert A. Heinlein

Coming Up Next Week, Kyrie and Cori explore the genre of Spooky Scary since it’s October!
Kyrie’s Pick: The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson
Cori’s Pick: We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson

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Episode 11: Enchanted with Magical Realism

Episode 11: Enchanted with Magical Realism

This week, Kyrie and Cori discuss a genre they both love–Magical Realism! As usual, listeners are given a brief overview of the history of magical realism along with some classic examples.  During their discussion, Kyrie and Cori drink their own beverages, with Kyrie drinking a delicious sweet beet juice (we recorded at lunch time!) while Cori sips on that thing called H2O.

Kyrie picked The Girl with Glass Feet by Ali Shaw.  This story follows Ida around an otherworldly island as her disease starts to take over, she falls in love, she tries to find a cure, but ultimately she dies. This is what magical realism is in every sense of the word for Kyrie. It has all the elements she likes–a strong female protagonist, love, and a little bit of the unknown. A beautiful book. Not only was the prose and description beautiful (and not overwhelming), but the cover was beautiful too.

Cori picked Exit West by Mohsin Hamid, which has had all sorts of buzz since its release last year. It was a different sort of magical realism with doors randomly appearing and allowing people to travel through to different countries. It is set in a world that is ours, but not quite ours.  A young couple in love leave their conflict filled, unnamed Middle Eastern country in hopes of a better life.  It seems like the whole world might be at a war, as there are people from all over the place traveling to new locations to run away from whatever is happening in their own country. However, they sometimes discover they are not welcomed in the new country.  Hmmm. Can’t even imagine that, can we?  Cori points out some similarities about both books.

Other Magical Realism books mentioned:

One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez,

Beloved and Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison

Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel

The House of Spirits by Isabel Allende

Coming Up Next Week, Kyrie and Cori explore the genre of Sci Fi!

Kyrie’s Pick: Dune by Frank Herbert
Cori’s Pick: Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick.

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